Triangle Chair part 2

A few posts ago I wrote about making a fold up seat… here’s the rest of the story….

I used 3/16″ bar stock to make the spider… the angle of the bent piece is @ 120 degrees and the other piece is bent into an eye with a 1/4″ diameter inside. The holes are drilled 7/32″.

triangle chair spider

I drilled the holes in the wrong place… well, the place I thought would work well but it didn’t….


so they stuck out too far, so I just re-drilled them in a better place…


cut the spider down to a good amount of wiggle and use a washer and a cap nut to secure each end in place. Then tacked the lower flaps in place.

All done! I made it for, and took it with me to, Greenwood Fest. Boy was I ever glad I did, even being able to sit whenever I wanted my feet were still beat at the end of the day. It held up very well (for only 2 days of use). We’ll see how well it lasts.

count your fingers


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