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Hi again; I’m finally getting busy! a couple of weeks ago I came across an ash tree (white) that was being taken down in the neighborhood.20160513_123242112_iOS

they let me have some:


And yesterday and today I spent some time making some leg blanks:


and a pile of shavings: do not look at the cobbled up repairs to the shaving horse…


And soon after I got the ash I came across an extensive cutting of “tree of heaven” (aka Ailanthus) in the abandoned cemetery where I now have some bees. I contacted the group who is trying to take over and maintain the cemetery asking if I could have some. they said “Yes. Please take as much as you want!!”  so I went and got some. I will get some more in a while.. a day or three.  my bees:


and where the downed trees are:


you can’t really see there are logs of it all over here, the weeds have grown up just enough to hide them. there is so much you can’t walk 4′ without tripping on one. I split the first one I came to.. talk about straight and flat and splitting well……

I gathered up a few and came home, tarred the ends.stacked them up,

one of the biggest I got at that time is going to be the bed of a spring pole lathe.

Hmm the lines don’t show up. I’ll update that when it is done:

I also, finally, got around to making stake legs for my outdoor workbench (from the Ailanthus)


which had been on sawhorses for two years. the legs are at @ 20 degrees with tapered square sockets for easy disassemble and travel.

So with the good weather I’m finally getting my s#!t together!


see you around

count your fingers


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