So, I’m mucking aboot wit this web page to add the ability to sell the things I make for craft shows, here on-line. I Was trying to add sales to the setup I had. But that turns out to be a non-starter since my template was ancient and couldn’t support adding a sales component.

As nerdy as I am , Computers have changed a lot in the 40 years since I first learned to program them (I’m ONLY @ 32 years behind). And while I admit using the templates, and customizing them to suit my work is easier than learning yet another programing language, it’s still not easy nor intuitive. The person(s) at the WP help chat were able to pick apart every problem I created and set me back on the straight seam. I can’t say enough good about them.

Fortunately the easiest part is installing a new (to me) template. Just a click, Any content you already have shows up in the new template! Nothing Lost! In my case it all jumped to the menu heading “BLOG”, because it was all blog posts. I had to erase all of my misguided attempts at inserting sales into the blog. But now, Adding a “new product” or deleting an old one is super easy!

Downside is that anyone used to looking me up, now has to take an extra step to find my latest ramble/rant.

Upside is that anyone looking to buy stuff can easily find stuff to buy!

So, the lettering is new, the colors are new, selling stuff is new, Billing and shipping are new.

be well

go make something

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