more prep for class: tools

a few years ago I saw a little rack for hatchets and drawknives that I really liked, so I made one, sharpened up 7 hatchets and repaired and sharpened 7 old drawknives…


do I leave it white or do I paint it some other color?

be well

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  1. Hi there,

    I’d color it white all around (leave the handle waxed without further color).
    Perhaps your class students want to add colour (by adding pattern or signing…).

    Are the slot for the hatchets all of the same width? Or do every hatchet got a special place?


    1. The slots are all the same. If I were to do this again I would use dowels to make the hatchet rack.
      Be well

  2. Looking at the pictures from the “make a stool class”, it looks as white is the dominant colour of the inside of your shop. It give s a nice light and a feeling of a clean room.
    But I think that you should pain the rack in some different colour, to sort of establish that it is not a part of the permanent structure.
    I would probably go with either a bright blue or a light green colour, but off course it depends on what you like.


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