Make a Stool class at the Morris Arboretum!

Well I am exhausted!  3 days last week and a day and a half this week just to be ready to start!

and I had some watchers!

And there were 3 pair of Red Breasted Nuthatches nesting  in the room, they were NOT happy with me being there! they would fly in behind me, and then leave by flying in front of me to the opposite end of the room, land, and SCREAM at me and fly out. almost comical, and their little voices are loud in that enclosed space.  Sadly they were too quick to get a good picture of.

So:  Ready…Set…


We have Amur Beech for legs, and big pieces of Black Walnut to get slabs for seats out of.

I think I need to include more about tool selecting advice in the syllabus.  I don’t want to promote specific brands, but I also don’t want to  say the “X” brand is crap, even if it is. But even with just 5 students, too many junk new tools have shown up here.

Class went well, we got well along on making a leg (actually most of the students got 3  or 4 leg blanks axed out and well along with shaving a leg).  Not really far enough along to finish the stools by the end of class, but speed comes with time and practice.

be well all



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