Make a Democratic Chair class with Elia Bizzarri and Curtis Buchanan

Red Oak split out for Democratic Chair class

Oct 10

Last weekend I was antsy about taking this class so I started splitting out some stock early.

Now I’m even worse. They could have told us how to make the templates in the email (I’m going to suggest that). Now my brain is demanding that I have got to get outside and make all of the straight parts!! But it’s time to make supper! 😉

I acquired this wood @ 3 months ago. and you can see by the photos that the sapwood is already too spalted to use, and that except for @ 1/4″ on the exposed faces it’s still sopping wet.

spalted sap wood
dry on the outside

Tomorrow I will turn that stack into chair parts.

Nov 2

Update: December 2

Class is going well, I got my travishers tuned up better… But we won’t use it. 😅 Leg mortises and tenons are all set. So are the outer 2 back rails.

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