looking for Green Woodworkers

Hi; this post isn’t going to be much at all. It’s just a shout into the abyss Looking for like minded people. It’s all about the wood. Green wood, and Green woodworking.

Most of my career has been in large cabinet shops making huge orders of cabinets and plastic countertops. If I never have to make another formica countertop in my life that will be OK with me.

The woodworking I love is in solid woods, furniture etc, and I especially like working from the log to finished pieces. Like Windsor Chairs (I learned from Mike Dunbar), like Peter Follansbee’s and Jeanie Alexander’s work. Like the work of countless other people who (like me) have learned from them and from other’s.

So there are clubs and organizations for: turners, carvers, bowl makers, intarsia, marquetry, lutiery of many types, “period” furniture, etc etc.

Is there one for Green Woodworkers?

be well


here’s a random picture from last year. (red oak)


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