Once upon a time, long ago and far away, I was in the shop of an older gentleman who made staircases and only staircases. He could make ANYTHING as long as it was a staircase.

The shop I worked for had sent me there for several months so that he could teach me how to make staircases.

see, he was retiring and he was also refusing to sell his shop and business. He wasn’t retiring because he was too old, he was retiring because the new mass producing staircasing shops were taking all of the business away. The shop that I was in wanted to continue to offer handmade staircases (which he used to make for us).

So one day I asked him if there was no longer any prospects of running his shop as a stair making shop why close? Why not switch to cabinets? Our shop was always way too busy with cabinets. And he already had all of the tools and machines.

He replied that even though he could do that, he said that trying to do to many things can ruin a business, so years ago he set his limits on and around stairs. and it paid off!  most of his men would retire along with him, his business had paid them very well.

when he explained it to me I thought he was nuts, I wanted to do EVERYTHING!!! but eventually I realized that doing too many different things can prevent you from doing any of them well.

set your limits and soar within them!

be well

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  1. I’ve always wanted to do and try all the things but am struggling in getting any of them done. This anecdote does put things into perspective.

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