Isolation time

You’d think that with all of this “spare” time I’d spend more time writing here.

Judy is home but working full time. Greg is home and not working.

And I’m still trying to straighten out the mess in my workspace. I gave myself till the end of April for that, so I’m still right in track.

Here are some pictures of stuff I’ve been doing to get it out of the way.

New Bodger’s horse

Sorting auger bits for keepers and rehoming.

More on the shaving horses, I’m making 2 right now.

Electrolysis rust removal.

The new bench setup

A shop helper all worn out from checking for crickets and mice.

Thomas Latane planing stop finally installed.

Raised the indoor hacking stock on rocket fin legs.

somewhat improved my spokeshave rack.

Be well, stay safe.

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