Hello world!

In the words of Kermit the Frog, “HELLO EVERY BODYYYYYYYY”!

My name is Karl, also K, Kai Saerpren, Dusty, Lazy K, Karlton, “Hey you, wood guy”, etc.

I make things out of wood, and I want a place to write about my woodworking. And talk about my woodworking and everything else I do.

I don’t always do words well, eloquence (like sartorial splendor) eludes me. But I know how to make things, and I love to make things. I also do a lot of things in a wood related manner, like: blacksmithing, brass casting, tree felling, wood carving, wood turning, metal turning, furniture repairs……

And like most people even though I act like all I do is wood there is a lot of other things going on like;

Fighting in the SCA (society for creative anachronism where I am THL Kai SaerPren, call me K)

Teaching Woodworking classes in the SCA


Being a husband and father

Volunteering at The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge (outside Of Philly near the airport)

making musical instruments

I had a motorcycle

I love small sailboats, row boats and canoes (“there is nothing so lovesome as simply messing around in boats”) I forget if that was “Wind in the Willows” or “Adventures of Mr Toad”, but for me, I agree. I have made 2 small boats and would like to make another one.

So lets talk about wood! and everything else.


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  1. Hey K! I came across your book binding jig on the SketchUp 3D model warehouse. I’d love to talk with you about it to learn about how it’s used. I don’t quite understand how the pivoting works. If you’d be down to talk on the phone for a few min or on skype, I’d love to ask a couple questions about it. I built a simple jig and now considering how to make a better one. I like your design and would like to learn from it! Hopefully you can see my email address in the comment. If not, I can come back later and leave it in the comment body


    1. Hi; I built one but the original design isn’t mine. I saw it on a YouTube video. here’s one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoWc450oeYY&list=PLqsrLYy2I9n8FdOZzDt8Uv8QMx7yHXHGh

      here’s another one:

      that should tell you everything I know. I made one to use re-binding paperbacks that I have that have come apart.

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