Fort Mifflin

Hi; I have been doing some volunteer work over at Ft Mifflin for a while now.

Fort Mifflin North Sally port

They (ok just Beth Beatty, the Director) have talked me into “working” part time on the repair projects all over the place… literally everywhere.

It’s an impossible job. The site needs a crew of at least 5 persons to stay on top of it, and would need More than that just to catch up. But it’s just me, Part Time!

So this is going to be the first installment of “no shit, there I was” at the fort, stories!

Part of the job is fixing things/repairs. I’m working on the big shutters just now.

But another part is making an inventory of tools that the fort has. Which is a bit inane… they get a lot of volunteers helping out. And most of the staff does a bit of fixing whenever they want to, and they all take tools and use them wherever, and Sometimes they (the tools) make it back up to the attic workshop above the barracks. Sometimes.

I spent over an hour the first week looking for a simple hammer! There has got to be a hammer there somewhere!!! None to be found. So Beth had me go buy 6 hammers. I’ve since found 1.

And this is the way it goes, I need to sand the shutters and repaint them… no power sanders. no belt sander , no pad sander, unless they are hidden somewhere. She authorizes buying them etc…

lets see what we don’t find next week.

go make something

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