First post 2021!

Happy new years! here’s hoping!

First thing this year I am hoping to set up this site to be able to sell the odds and ends that I make for craft shows..

So there are some minor changes in the pipeline..

I’m drawing some plans for various crafting equipment. I’ve decided to ask for donations rather than charge for access to them. I will post them Here as well as other places on the internet. I’m thinking I should also make up directions/instructions for the builds… we’ll see how I feel 😉

I am always delighted to make said equipment for some crafter, but there is a delight in making your own too!

Up for consideration! logo’s ! every one has to have a good logo now! I’ve come up with:

I like the second and third best… debating if the third looks best round or pulled into an ellipse.

be well

stay safe

update 1/11/21

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