Experimenting with recording myself

To start with: I should fire the production manager, the cameraman, the sound man, and the lead actor… And all of the post production crew!

But then what would I do?

I used to think that knowing how to make things was enough.

So now if I want to make videos of my work I need to learn to be a cameraman, soundman, script writer, and actor… wish me luck

Testing one one

Two two testing two

One Two Three ____ *!?”#@

There is a lot to not like about this. My voice, clearing my throat, stage manager not making sure the script, stage, and all of the props are ready before we start (fire him too).

Greg (11 yrs old) was learning Photoshop and PowerPoint in school this year. Maybe I can hire him in a year or so to help with this.

It seems as though spending my life learning about and teaching about woodworking was misspent. I see young persons who barely know woodworking making slick videos about woodworking… I should have learned video editing instead 😉.

So there they are in all their pre-production gory, I mean glory. Incidental noises, nothing really prepped… I hope you find it mildly amusing. If I can get it cleaned up some with an editor and maybe a voice over I’ll put it in a post about making this triangle stool when it’s done.

Be well


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