Do all the things!

(the Title line is borrowed from “Hyperbolae and a Half” online comic)

Hi! First post of 2022! First day or 2022!

First; I need to clean all of the things! Desk , first floor, stairs.

Then finish up some (many) long unfinished projects and get rid of them. (AFTER taking pictures!!, I forget to do that too often.),

Saw, wood thread cutter, mount new stock knife, spinning wheel, democratic chair, rocking horse, sign for Pennsic shop, rebuild chair parts dryer, finish 2 started shaving horses,

work on my Horror vacui and Kenophobia (lol)

move the rest of the mound of dirt, next to the new garage,

finish removing the old garage,

move all the wood to the concrete pad,

finish setting up shop in the new garage and behind it,

arrange for estimates on house exterior renovations,

Start new projects: coffee table, cutting boards with resin, coffee table with coffee beans, new workbench for garage, rope winder?, buckets?, stubby saw horses and ramps for using with my Alaskan saw mill,

one of these next days imma gonna hire an apprentice to help get it all done. (just as soon as I can afford one.)

looks like I have some work to do 😉

be well

count your toes when working with big wood, go make something


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