Broom Making “Machines”

Hi: so I have a long abiding fondness for making and repairing the tools that other crafts-persons use to make their crafts. I have made 4 pottery wheels, repaired at least 6 spinning wheels, repaired one “barn loom”, etc…

So recently I started looking at other crafts that extensively use wooden tools… I came across Broom Making…

There is a variety of tools or “machinery” that broom makers might use. And while I can readily find plans online for pottery wheels, woodworking benches, shaving horses, looms, spinning wheels, glassblowing bats, etc. I find NO plans or instructions for new broom makers to make their equipment (nor for me to do it for them πŸ˜‰ ).

I Did find some really good sketches though, and I contacted the artist/broom maker to ask for dimensions so that I can draw them up proper! He said he would get them to me…

But for preliminary sketches I now have these waiting on accurate measurements to refine them:

And So soon I hope to be able to post plans to make some of these to the internet!

I’ll keep updating this: so stay tuned πŸ˜‰

be well

stay well

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  1. Do you sell your plans for broom making machines (and others, such as rope making machine and shave horses)? While I could print them from your website, sometimes the dimensions are not clear. And your efforts in measuring and sketching machines certainly has value. I’m interested in clear, legible plans with dimensions and associated pictures or diagrams. Thanks in advance.

    1. If you have SketchUp I will send you the file.
      I try to get everything on the blog that you will need to make them.

      I had no intention of selling the plans, but I will take great umbrage if I find anyone else selling my plans.

      SketchUp is ok for making 3D drawings. but printouts are junk and have no scale, And it sucks for making 2D drawings (plan, elevation, profile) for working from.
      I am currently investigating software for making 2D plans for printout on an ordinary desktop printer. perhaps I should step up the speed on that… πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for asking. Keep in touch.

    2. Hi: do you have SketchUp?

    3. Hi again
      The program I use to draw working plans is more tedious and difficult to use than the 3D SketchUp… I wish I could afford AutoCAD… If there is one plan in particular that you want I’ll make the effort to finish it. Then we could talk $… If you just need a dimension or two to clarify what I posted I’ll be glad to get it for you.
      Be well

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