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Brainstorming a “Whatsit?”

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In the above video there are a bunch of tools that you might recognize. and one or two that are unusual. like the twyble with the bent tips.. at the end he makes a flax break with te tools that he sharpens.

In another film like this a gentleman make a spinning wheel and then makes a grain storage ark (chest). I am currently searching for this film to insert it or link to it here.

While I fully intend to re-create the twyble (twybil, twibill spellings are various) eventually, in in the making of the ark the crafter uses a tool that looks like a compass or divider (or pacer) but has the pivot point on one leg and a little gouge cutter on the other leg. This allows him to swing perfect arcs and circles with a shallow gouge cut. Thus he uses the tool after staining the ark to draw circles with the 6 petal arcs inscribed… (called sun circles by some and flowers by others. some folks believe there is some protection against evil bout it, others believe that it is just a decoration)

Structurally the tips of the twyble and the cutter on the compass/gouge are similar.

but I was thinking… and remembering… doesn’t ExactO make sort of a tiny scorp blade with a similar cutting action at it’s tip?… yes they did and yes they DO!

(image shamefully stolen from the internet for illustration and elucidation purposes only.)

So… if I made a new wooden compass, used a broken drill in one leg for the pivot point, and one of these inserted in a hole in the other leg…

my previously produced home made compass’. the next one will need a locking wing so the cut doesn’t move the leg.

should be easy! (famous last words)

be well

go make something.


I have a couple of these XactO blade handles. Debating sacrificing one to connect the blade to the compass.

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