About Me!

Hi! this is About ME! I have been a cabinetmaker since 1982. Mostly I had worked for large cabinetmaking firms, in production shops, all kinds of machinery, whirling blades, CNC, noise and more noise. I have always enjoyed working with hand tools as a “hobby” (crazy right? work in a noisy shop all day then handplane things in my home-shop at night). Most folks consider woodworking a hobby or an occupation. For me it’s an vocation sometimes bordering on an obsession. I started teaching night classes in woodworking for adults in 1988 where I have always stressed the importance of hand tool use.

Since 1998 I have worked more and more with just hand tools, and have been studying the older tools and methods of working with wood.

I had the privilege early in my career to work alongside of several cabinetmakers who learned the craft in Europe, so thank you to: Mr. Nick Raithe (Bavaria), Mr. Mario Gomez and his brother Mr. Rogerio Gomez (Portugal), Mr. Umberto (Italy), Mr. Fahed (Lebanon). But mostly I got my start from Mr. Howard Lindh who ran the theater shop at SUNY Cortland and who taught me how to use a table saw safely.

Today I avoid power tools when I can and focus on making medieval and Early American and other handmade furniture.

be well

stay safe

Karl F Newman

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