Hi all:

I have just gotten permission to hold classes at Ft. Mifflin!!

They have a nice shady grove we can use in good weather:



and an interesting grotto to use during bad weather:


this is inside the walls of the fort, literally in the walls. the back wall used to be the forts bread baking ovens. the wood stove works for heat..

I am planning on a first class sometime in October, it will be a 3 legged stool making class.

my stool for the class

stay tuned for more information!!

be well



Hi: to anyone looking here!

I keep not writing, 😉 it’s almost amazing how much I don’t write!

been busy with stuff, mostly trying to set up to get back into doing craft shows. making small stuff of the sort that sells, and big stuff to take along to “show off”: rolling pins, nostepinne, cutting boards vs chairs.

so I apologise to any followers looking for “new”content here.

I only write when I feel like writing. And next week I head out to Pennsic, so I won’t be writing then for another 2 weeks… I will post after Pennsic about which craft shows I am going to…

be well