I have decided to post my list of tools that I advise people to buy for my woodworking classes. The list is actually very short. Yet I do insist that with just these tools you can build everything. Other tools can make certain jobs easier, faster, etc.

The List:

  • Rule/Tape measure (or story board)
  • Saws; back , crosscut, coping. Or Frame, and Fret
  • Square; a big one and a small one (Make them yourself?)
  • A chisel, 1 to 2 inches wide
  • A chisel, ¼ to 5/16” wide for mortises
  • 16 oz. hammer
  • Mallet rubber or wood.
  • Knife
  • Compass/Divider
  • Marking gauge (make it yourself)
  • Screwdrivers, one w/ replaceable tips
  • Pliers
  • Nippers
  • Block Plane
  • Smooth or a Try Plane (9” or 14”)
  • ½ round Rasp
  • Flat wood rasp
  • 2 grit sharpening Stone
  • Adjustable Bevel ( make it!)
  • Brace and Bits to make holes (maybe a gimlet or burning iron for small holes) (cordless drill and drill bit set)


Add tools as you want or need them, they can be old or new. Ax, hatchet and froe maybe, Chisels: You will want a couple… a small a medium and a large at least.

ask me questions and I will elaborate in the comments…..

be well


One thought on “A BOX FULL OF TOOLS.

  1. some additional advice: Don’t buy a tool until you need it. some people find they never use chisels, or they buy a “set” and only ever use one of them. or they never use hand planes only sanders… when you decide you have to have a tool, investigate the possibility of making your own first. you can make your planes and squares and marking gauges and a lot of other tools.. maybe making tools is not for you but look into it anyhow.


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